The Fairfax-Falls Church Community Services Board is Re-Prioritizing their Services

Opportunity for Public Comment

The Fairfax-Falls Church Community Services Board (CSB) is now the single point of entry for intellectual and developmental disability services in Fairfax County and the City of Falls Church.  The CSB is looking for your feedback on their “priority access guidelines.”  These guidelines determine what populations will be served first when there are not enough resources to serve everyone with all needed services.  This is a big opportunity to ensure that the developmental and intellectual disability communities have full access to the array of needed and available services in the future.

We encourage all Fairfax and Falls Church residents to share their thoughts and feedback at or 703-324-7006.  You can simply copy and paste the numbered items below into an email or edit them based upon your experience.  Please share feedback by March 30, 2017.

Ideas on What to Share:

  1. In determining who is eligible for CSB DD services, the CSB should use the Developmental Disability definition in Virginia state code without further edits or eligibility restrictions. IQ scores should not be used to determine eligibility for any service or program.

Explanation: We must ensure than anyone with a developmental disability (including ID), of any level of severity, is able to get services they need, when they need them.


  1. We want the CSB to serve all Fairfax County residents without limiting eligibility or service provision to people who are Fairfax citizens or to those who are eligible for the Waiver. Social Security numbers should not be required as part of intake.

Explanation: Many individuals come to Fairfax in desperate need of services who may not yet be citizens, but need services and supports.  There are also a number of individuals with developmental disabilities who are not eligible for Medicaid Waiver, but who need some assistance to be as successful, safe, and independent as possible.  If they are not able to access CSB services, they are often left without any options at all for help.


  1. When resources for programs and services are limited, as many individuals as possible should be served, starting with people most urgently in need. A system for assessing urgency using both qualitative and quantitative data should be developed and vetted in collaboration with stakeholders (e.g., families, individuals with DD, service providers, advocacy organizations) in the process.

Explanation: We realize that there are not unlimited funds for services, so limited monies should go to people most in need of assistance.  That determination should look at personal stories as well as data.


  1. Any decisions regarding the allocation of limited funding should be based upon a person-centered assessment and decision process instead of serving solely based on service cost.

Explanation: When there is not enough funding to serve everyone, we should talk to individuals to make them fully aware of all options and support them in planning for the services they need and want.


For assistance or questions, please contact Lucy Beadnell at The Arc of Northern Virginia

(703) 208-1119 x116

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