A message from our Director of Advocacy, Lucy Beadnell, to all who had expressed a particular interest in funding for the 2017 grads and beyond in Fairfax.

Thank you all again for your outreach to Supervisors.  As we met with them, we heard that they had families concerned with our graduates at many town halls, and had heard from others in writing or on the phone.  We’ve been talking not only ensuring our 2017 grads are funded (as now promised), but that we have a plan for grads in 2018 and beyond.  A waiting list is not a plan.  We’re working to share creative ideas on how to stretch County dollars and maximize the people served!black light bulb image

How do we make it all happen?  We need you!  The week of the budget hearing is finally here.  As a reminder, please join us on Wednesday April 5th at 2 PM at the Fairfax County Government Center (12000 Government Center Parkway, Fairfax, VA).  The Board Auditorium where the hearing will be held is just to the right off the entrance lobby.  The hearing starts at 1 PM, but since we are speakers 31-35, we’re asking folks to arrive by 2 PM.  
Please wear black to symbolize the dark, lights out future for our grads without supports.

Our Executive Director, Rikki Epstein, will be the first speaker in our group and will ask anyone there in support of the grads to stand during her speech.  Please be ready to stand and show support.  I cannot say enough how much this matters.
Be in touch if you have questions.  See you all Wednesday, and bring a friend (or three!).
Best,   Lucy

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