Big Changes in Virginia

These last few years have been filled with policy changes for DD Services and that does not seem to be slowing down.  We’d like to share updates with you on some of the latest changes.


1.  CCC Plus Managed Care had initially excluded families receiving HIPP, the monthly cash subsidy for people who have qualifying employer sponsored insurance in addition to Medicaid.  DMAS has announced that exclusion will end, so between August and the end of the year, families receiving HIPP will be notified by mail that they will be enrolled in one of the six CCC Plus Plans.  Please see our information sheet on CCC Plus for information on this change and selecting a plan.


2.  Children under the age of 21 who use the CCC Plus (formerly called EDCD) Waiver will need to start working with their doctors (or nurse practitioner or physician’s assistant) to get a form called the DMAS-7 completed to continue receiving personal care, private duty nursing, and/or assistive technology services as of September 1, 2018 or the first request for re-authorization/change of services after September 1, 2018.  This form will mean that requests for these services are processed through a program called EPSDT rather than the Waiver.  Ensure you’re working with your service facilitator or agency on this and that you continue to use one standalone Waiver service (e.g., respite) every 90 days.  This form will need to be completed annually.  Watch our 3-Minute Webinar on EPSDT.


3.  The General Assembly funded new Waiver slots in 2018 for people on the Priority One waiting list.  Local Community Services Boards have received preliminary numbers on the slots they will get this fall and Waiver Slot Allocation Committees will meet in the coming months to make recommendations on who will get a Waiver.  Ensure you are in touch with your CSB so that they have updated contact information for you and are aware of any crises or urgent needs in your life that may affect your place on the waiting list.


4.  25 “reserve” waiting slots were authorized this year through the General Assembly to allow people to move from a lower need Waiver to a higher need Waiver (e.g., from the Family and Individual Supports Waiver to the Community Living Waiver).  Ensure you have notified your Support Coordinator if you need to make a change like this and are on that list.


5.  The Individual and Family Support Program (IFSP) annual funding period will open on October 10, 2018 for anyone on the waiting list for one of the DD Waivers.  Application can be submitted through 5 PM on November 8, 2018. You can complete the application online (only available online) starting September 10, 2018.  You can find the application and program information online now. You can also view a webinar on completing this process here.


6.  On October 9th, Judge John Gibney will hold the next open court hearing to review Virginia’s progress on the Department of Justice settlement.  Anyone is welcome to join and hear the news that day.  The hearing will be held at the Spotswood Courthouse in Richmond. More details on exact time will be shared as we get closer to the hearing.


7.  The Arc of Northern Virginia’s online resource library has launched, so check there and our YouTube page often for updated news and resources.


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