Meetown Residential Care

Business Description

 Our goal is to promote acceptance in the normal life of the community in which the individual resides through social integration and participation in community opportunities.

Our philosophy is based on the values that everyone deserves and needs to belong, to be loved, to be treated with dignity and respect, to be self directing, and to be recognized for their inherent value as a unique person. It is the belief of Meetown Residential Care that people with disabilities have the right to be a part of the community, with the same opportunities, responsibilities' and quality of life as available to all citizens.

We have Registered Nurse Licensed and Practical Nurse on Staff.  All of our staffs have been trained in CPR/First Aid, Medication Administration, Emergency Preparedness, Human Right, Behavior Management and OSHA standards.       Meetown residential Care will make a difference in the individual(s) lives by providing services with ethical and conscientious manner, preserving at all times the dignity of the individuals and family. We aim to train teach and prepare each adult with the knowledge and skills to help them reach their personal goals. Meetown Residential Care will offer 24-hour services and dedicated staffing with a ratio of 1:3.

6601 Little River Turnpike Ste. 210
Alexandria Virginia
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