consumer directed care

Business Description

Our Mission
Our mission is to provide a compassionate cost-effective and high-quality health care services that are patient and family-centered.
Our Vision
Our vision is to prevent our patients from re-hospitalization after a recent discharged from a short or long stay in the hospital and to provide them with the help they need post-hospitalization at home or in the community.
Our Goal
Our Goal is patient safety at home and in the community
Business Description:
Softz Touch Home Car, LLC is a home care agency that is Medicaid approved for personal care, Respite care, Consumer Directed Care with approved Waivers for Developmental Disabled & Mental Retarded people. Our agency solves the dilemma many families go through on a daily basis to care for their loved ones. We combine the convenience of home placement with structured health services usually provided in hospitals and/or nursing homes. Our services include helping our clients with their personal hygiene, toileting, dressing, mobility, eating, light housekeeping, and other activities of daily living. Our agency is also geared at helping people who are developmentally challenged or who are mentally retarded with their day-to-day activities both at home and in the community.
We provide 24/7 Care in and out of client’s homes, we also provide Live In Care at patient’s request
We accept Medicaid Insurance and also offer private pay with our affordable hourly rates for all services provided. Our services can start for as fewer as 2 hours per day to 24 hours per day.
Weekends and Holidays are also available

703-459-7562 (office) or 240 708-1818 (Cell)
3054 PS Business Center Dr., Woodbridge, VA