Music Instruction

Business Description

NeuroSound Music Therapy is a music therapy company based in Fairfax, VA that provides home-based, clinic-based, and community music therapy services to individuals and groups in the Northern Virginia area. NeuroSound Music Therapy’s services include, individual music therapy, group music therapy, adapted music lessons, and traditional music lessons. We aim to provide the highest quality of music therapy services to assist our clients in reaching and surpassing their goals. We strongly believe in a client-centered approach that focuses on fostering an individual's strengths and highest potential through the therapeutic use of music. Our techniques and interventions are rooted in science and evidenced-based to ensure the highest quality of services for our clients.

Music Therapy is the clinical and evidence-based use of music interventions to accomplish individualized goals within a therapeutic relationship by a board-certified music therapist. As an established health profession and evidence-based service, music therapy has enhanced the quality of life of individuals of all ages and functioning levels. At NeuroSound Music Therapy, LLC., music is used as a mutltifaceted tool in order to meet the needs of the individuals and groups with whom we work. Our music therapists are highly trained in assessing our clients in order to develop an appropriate and individualized treatment plan based on the individual's musical preferences, needs and treatment goals.

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