Crisis Response Campaign

Covid-19 Crisis Response Campaign




During this time, The Arc of Northern Virginia is working to make sure we can keep meeting the needs of people with disabilities of all ages and their families. Because the families we serve cannot wait. We have to keep our resources available for those who need help. We have to keep our advocacy efforts loud and prominent in order to make sure that people with disabilities are not left out of the various relief packages. We have to engage the creativity of our amazing case managers to serve our clients while still meeting mandated requirements and guidelines. We still have to serve our Special Needs Trust clients, who still need their bills paid on time. And keep responding to questions to our Information and Referral portal come in at all hours of the day and night and messages come in via our social media channels every day of the week. Because lives literally hang in the balance. There are over 39,000 people with intellectual and developmental disabilities throughout Northern Virginia that count on us.


Thank you for believing, like us, that people with intellectual and developmental disabilities deserve every chance for a healthy, happy, inclusive life.


We invite you to join with us to make possible all that The Arc of Northern Virginia does.


Please make a donation today.


Will you help?



Did you know that The Arc of Northern Virginia provides an incredible array of programs, services, resources, guides, workshops, webinars, consultations, and more—all at no cost to families?


But we cannot do it without you…


Your donation today will ensure that The Arc of Northern Virginia can continue to provide all of the essential resources that people with ID/DD and their families need:

• The Arc of Northern Virginia is there for families when a child is born or first diagnosed with a disability.
• We help parents access early intervention services and school-based educational & therapeutic programs.
• We serve as the main resource for transitioning young adults from school to services in the community.
• We offer self-advocacy programs for teenagers and adults to give them a voice in their own lives.
• We work to stimulate housing and employment opportunities and connect people with ID/DD to them.
• We help assure that financial needs will be met as people with disabilities and their caregivers both age.
• And we enable people with disabilities and families to advocate for the funding and policies they need.


Please make a generous donation today so that The Arc of Northern Virginia can continue to impact so many families’ stories and make sure that our community is a better place for everyone with ID/DD. So many families—and their stories—are counting on us.






For more information on supporting The Arc of Northern Virginia, please contact
Howard Stregack, Director of Development, at 703-208-1119 ext. 102 or email

The Arc of Northern Virginia (Tax ID# 54-0675506)