Executive Director
Rikki Epstein


Cheryl Johnson, Director of Services
Lisa Fong, Assistant Director of Services, Support Coordinator, Guardian
Noelle St. Amant-Aden, Guardianship of Last Resort Program Director
Alexandra Chevez, Support Coordinator, Guardian
Hillary Deichman, Support Coordinator, Guardian
Sethina Fortunate, Support Coordinator, Guardian
Ana Hughes, Support Coordinator, Guardian
Asia Jones, Support Coordinator, Guardian
Hannah Sawyer, Medicaid Billing Specialist


Special Needs Trust
Tia Marsili, Director of Trusts
Evelyn Gu, Assistant Director of Trusts
Trinitas Nsabimana, Account Manager
Chris Chavis, Advocate


Howard Stregack, Director of Development


Transition POINTS – Providing Opportunities, Information, Networking & Transition Support
Diane Monnig, Transition Manager


Advocacy, Information & Referral and Outreach
Lucy Beadnell, Director of Advocacy
Lynn Ruiz, Director of Community Relations
Allie Shelby, Director of First Impressions

Kymberly DeLoatche, Project Manager
Camille Franco, Project Coordinator


updated 01/12/2018