Please see the action alert from The Arc of US below.   The renewed discussion re: Medicaid Block Grants/Per Capita Caps pose a tremendous threat to Virginians with developmental disabilities and their families.  Please take action as soon as possible.

We are asking each chapter and board member to:

  1. Please call your Members of Congress TODAY and express concern about renewed discussions.  There are several “key districts” in Virginia so it is critical that all of us take action.   Please urge your members to do the same through your newsletters, social media, email, etc.
  1. Please request a meeting while your Representative is back home for recess. We need lots of people with developmental disabilities, family members, providers and advocates visiting local offices.  Multiple visits from different constituents is strongly encouraged.  This will help ensure the issue stays front and center throughout the recess.
  1. Plan to attend a local town hall. The list is available at the link in The Arc of US email.  We also suggest that you follow your Rep on social media in case there is an online town hall.
  1. If you have completed 1-3, please reach out to your local and state officials and ask them to join you in expressing concern to the VA Congressional Delegation. This proposed cuts would make it very difficult for the state legislature to address the needs of the DD Waiver waiting lists.

As some you may be aware from what we have shared on social media, here is more information about the impact of these cuts and how Virginians with DD would be affected.

  • New York Times Story on Medicaid-  Strong piece that discusses the history of the Medicaid program and who would be affected by cuts.  FEATURES OUR VERY OWN PRESIDENT, KIM GOODOE AND HER FAMILY!  Please check it out.
  • NBC12 Report re: Impact of Medicaid Cuts on Virginians with DD- Excellent piece that focuses on impact of cuts on DD population.  A good one to share with your Rep.  You may also want to share with board, members, partner orgs  to explain how they are affected. Features #saveMedicaid rally in DC with many Virginians in attendance (thank you!).
  • Richmond Times Dispatch Article–  Discusses impact of federal cuts on DD and MH populations- community based services would take a hit.
  • Press Conference –  The Arc of VA President Kim Goodloe was invited to speak at a press conference with Vice-President Biden and Leader Pelosi on Capitol Hill (during Disability Policy Seminar).  While we encourage sharing NBC12 or RTD with your Reps, we wanted you to be able to see Kim in action and have additional background on the issue.   Kim starts speaking at 17 min. mark and discusses real life impact of Medicaid cuts on people with disabilities and their families.

To summarize– the cuts are very serious and would undermine years, if not decades, of work to advance the community system.  Please take action as soon as possible.  Don’t hesitate to call/email us if you need assistance identifying your Rep. or engaging in action.

Thanks for all you are doing!

Jamie Liban
Executive Director
The Arc of Virginia
(804) 649-8481, ext. 101
2147 Staples Mill Road
Richmond, VA 23230

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