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Apply for EDCD Waiver


How do I enroll?

The process is similar to enrollment for the DD Waiver. You request a screening with your local Department of Health or Department of Social Services. You, in combination with the screener, will complete the Uniform Assessment Instrument, or UAI. (Check out this form online at http://www.dmas.virginia.gov/downloads/forms/UAI.pdf). Once you’ve been screened, the screening packet will go to the provider you’ve selected. The provider will design and submit a Plan of Care with you. They will send off for approval. The screener will complete additional paperwork and send it to VAMMIS (Virginia Medicaid Management Information Systems). If everything is approved services begin.

At this time there is NO WAITLIST for the EDCD Waiver.

If you think you might qualify for the EDCD Waiver, contact your local department of social services or local health department for a screening (see contacts below). As with all Medicaid-funded services, there are also financial eligibility criteria:

Enrollment by City/County

Fairfax County/City of Falls Church:

Fairfax Coordinated Services Planning (703) 222-0880 or Fairfax County Aging, Disability, and Caregiver Resources at:



City of Alexandria:

(703) 746-5999


Arlington County:

Birth to 3 (703) 228-1640

3yrs to 21yrs (703) 228-1510

21yrs and older (703) 228-1769


Loudon County:


Adults: ask to speak to Adult services and request for a EDCD screening.

Family of young children: ask to speak to the Community Support Unit (CSU) and request for a EDCD screening.


Prince William County:

(703) 792-5880