CCC Plus Waiver

The CCC Plus Waiver                                       CCC PLUS Handout

got its start in Virginia in 2005, merging two existing waivers. It’s designed to prevent nursing home placement by providing significant care in the applicant’s home.  It was merged with another existing Waiver on July 1, 2017 when its name changed from the Elderly or Disabled with Consumer Direction (EDCD) Waiver to the CCC Plus Waiver.

The CCC Plus Waiver provides services that help individuals live in their homes and communities instead of a nursing home. It is available to individuals 65 years of age and older, and to individuals of any age who have a developmental disability as well as a medical nursing need.  Individuals who depend on another person for their supports and have medical or nursing needs may be eligible for the CCC Plus Waiver


CCC Plus Waiver Eligibility

An applicant must need human (not solely mechanical) assistance with 2-4 activities of activities of daily living (ADLs), as well as be semi-dependent in behavior and orientation (often, but not exclusively, due to dementia), as well as semi-dependent in joint motion or semi-dependent in medication administration.


Dependent in 5-7 ADLs, plus dependent in mobility


Semi-dependent in 2-7 ADLs, as well as dependent in mobility, as well as dependent in behavior and orientation (often, but not exclusively, severe dementia).


Have medical nursing needs to be provided by a skilled nurse beyond custodial care. Examples of these needs (but not an exclusive list) are: ongoing physical therapies, oxygen supports, significant seizure monitoring and supports, respiratory supports and care, and other medical supports either provided by a nurse or provided by someone trained by a nurse or medical professional.


Applicants must be at imminent risk for nursing home placement without the provision of the waiver services mentioned above.

This document provides a self-assessment you can use to determine if you may be eligible for this Waiver.


* Activities of daily living (ADLs) include things like dressing, bathing, food preparation, assisting with feeding, etc.


CCC Plus Waiver Services

Available services are:

  • Adult Day Health Care
  • Assistive Technology
  • Consumer-Directed  and Agency Directed Personal Care Aide Services
  • Environmental Modifications
  • Medication Monitoring
  • Personal Emergency Response System (PERS)
  • Private Duty Nursing
  • Respite Care
  • Skilled Nursing
  • Transition Coordination/Transition Services for individuals leaving nursing homes or other institutional settings


Note: Clients be screened to be found eligible for this Waiver and must meet the qualifications for each requested service.


Applying for the CCC Plus Waiver

How do I enroll?

To enroll in the CCC Plus Waiver, you will first request a screening with your local Department of Family Services or Department of Social Services.  On the phone, you will be asked questions about medical diagnoses, medical needs, medications, doctors, specialists, therapies, and hands on help needed by the person with a disability for activities of daily living.  If it seems that you will qualify, a nurse will be sent to your home to complete the Uniform Assessment Instrument, or UAI. Check out this form online

If you meet eligibility using the UAI, you will be notified you are eligible and will begin working to apply for Medicaid (if you do not already have Medicaid) and to select services you need.  Based upon the services you need, you will work with service providers to design and submit a Plan of Care, which is sent off to your selected Managed Care Agency (or Medicaid directly) for approval.


At this time there is NO WAITLIST for the CCC Plus Waiver.


If you think you might qualify for the CCC Plus Waiver, contact your local department of family or social services for a screening (see contacts below). As with all Medicaid-funded services, there are also financial eligibility criteria.

Enrollment by City/County

Fairfax County/City of Falls Church:

(703) 324-7948


City of Alexandria:

(703) 746-3400


Arlington County:

(703) 228-1350


Loudon County:



Prince William County:

(703) 792-7500