The Arc of Northern Virginia is excited to announce that we’ll be offering a one-time panel presentation on Sponsored Residential services.  We’ll hold this session on Monday, June 12, 2017 from 11 AM-1 PM at our office in Falls Church AND via live webinar.

What is Sponsored Placement?

Sponsored placement is a service offered under the Community Living Medicaid Waiver in Virginia.  In sponsored residential services, a person (or two) with a developmental disability moves into the home of a sponsor.  The sponsor is a trained service provider, usually someone with a history of work in the disability field, who would like to have someone with a disability live with them and to provide supports to the person.

Why Look at this Option?

It is meant to be a very family-like model and individuals with disabilities often live with sponsors for many years.  Several years ago, an independent report of Virginia’s Waiver services said some of the most behaviorally and medically complicated individuals in Virginia were served in the sponsored residential model.  This service option provides a high level of consistent support for people with disabilities.

Who Will Join the Panel?

Our Sponsored Placement Panel will feature representatives from all four of the agencies licensed to offer this innovative service in Northern Virginia.  These providers are RIVA, ResCare, Lutheran Family Services of Virginia, and Wall Residences.  They will talk about their background in sponsored services, what makes this option successful, and how to get started.  We will also be joined by the parent of an adult child with a disability living in a sponsored home and that adult child’s sponsor.  They will talk on a personal level on how they have found this model to be the best fit for everyone involved.

You may join us live in person at our office.
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