More News on our Fairfax Graduates- Advocacy Still Needed

  Thank you for the concerns you’ve expressed and the actions you have taken related to the 2017 graduates.  Yesterday afternoon the Board of Supervisors heard a presentation from the Community Services Board that lays out a plan for 2017 and beyond.  I’ve updated our action alert to reflect these changes, and I’ll summarize below.

Your Advocacy is Needed on All Levels!

While Virginia has been making steady progress in its transition to a community-based system since entering into the DOJ Agreement in 2012, actions taken in the 2017 Virginia General Assembly session indicate that the Commonwealth may be contemplating a step backwards.  And this is just Virginia. …Now let’s talk about our Federal Medicaid and ACA.  The […]

No Grad Funding in Fairfax?…What Happened?…What Can We do?

The Fiscal Year 2018 draft budget (which begins on July 1, 2017) was introduced today.  For the first time in years, Fairfax County’s proposed budget does NOT include our graduates with intellectual disabilities, nor does it add in the graduates with developmental disabilities who are newly under the umbrella of the Community Services Board.  You […]

Safety and Justice for People with Developmental Disabilities- Whats Happening in the Community

There has been significant regional effort by the Autism Society, The Arc of Northern Virginia, the Virginia Ability Alliance and the Fairfax Long Term Care Committee  to address the need for training police officers to be aware of how persons with disabilities may react when police are called and a 911 pre-notification system.  There is […]

Action Needed Today!

Action Alert: Please ask your state Senator to OPPOSE budget proposals that are potentially harmful to people with developmental disabilities and their families!

URGENT and Time Sensitive – Your voice needs to be heard NOW!

The Arc of Virginia State Executive Director, Jamie Liban, just shared the message below with us.  Our House and Senate are voting to keep open Training Centers for people with disabilities.  This flies in the face of decades of civil rights progress, our DOJ settlement, the people who have already moved out so successfully, and […]

The Road to Richmond- Annual Bus Trip to Richmond

Our state General Assembly begins tomorrow and in 45 short days, they will pass every law that will pass this year and come up with a state budget.  It is a whirlwind and a critical time for advocacy. This year, we’re having our Annual Developmental Disabilities Advocacy Day in Richmond on Tuesday, January 31, 2017.  […]

Chime in for Weekly Webinars Discussing State Legislation

The Virginia Association of Centers for Independent Living (VACIL) will hold weekly webinars to discuss state legislation addressing disability issues. The webinars will be held on Wednesdays at 3:00pm. Each webinar is expected to be 15-45 minutes. Disability organizations are invited to provide information on the issues they are working. Please register to participate in […]