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Webinar: Asserting Special Education Rights in the Time of Coronavirus

  The coronavirus pandemic has completely changed public education. The challenges are compounded exponentially for those students with disabilities. This webinar will guide a discussion on how to advocate for your child’s best educational opportunities.     Webinar: “If You Don’t Ask, You Won’t Get It” – Asserting Special Education Rights in the Time of […]

Virtual Parent Support Group

  Parents in a Pandemic: A parent support group dedicated to maintaining family cohesion and development in the midst of global change. Our provider partner Developmental Support Associates (DSA) is offering a virtual family support group for local families who care for children, youths, and young adults with developmental and/or behavioral challenges. The immediate goal […]

Mask Mandates and Accommodations for People with Disabilities

As Northern Virginia joins the rest of the commonwealth in Phase One reopening, Governor Ralph Northam also announced a state-wide mandate for the use of face coverings in public buildings.  Read the state’s FAQ on Executive Order 63   To answer questions about how this order affects persons with disabilities, we have posted Mask Mandates […]

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