Charles Enos Architecture, PLLC / Matthew Tinker Enos Horizons Foundation

Business Description

Pro bono architectural consulting services – home modification advice for families with disabled loved ones with severe behavior disorders. Our son, Matt Enos, had Autism, Moderate Intellectual Disability, Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, and Intermittent Explosive Behavior Disorder. My wife, Debby Tinker, and I had to make several modifications to our home to keep him, as well as ourselves, safe during a behavioral episode. In September 2011, while in his bedroom, Matt suffered a hemorrhagic stroke which proved to be fatal. To this day, Debby and I marvel that over seventy people visited him in the Neurological Intensive Care Unit at INOVA Fairfax Hospital while he remained in a coma those last three days. We had no idea of the monumental impact Matt made on the lives of others during the 23 ½ years he spent with us. To honor Matt’s memory, we created the Matthew Tinker Enos Horizons Foundation to help those with ID whose behavioral difficulties impede their lives. Recently, however, I realized that I can offer additional help to families who face the same challenges we did. I would like to offer my architectural consulting services, pro bono, to families who need assistance with architectural modifications to improve the health, safety, and welfare of their loved ones with these special needs.

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