NOVA HSS Roomate Advocacy i-Match Service

Business Description

The NOVA HSS Roomate i-Match Service will help you to:
Find a roomate who will rent a new place with you
Find a roomate who will rent an available space in your home
Find a roomate who is interested in providing you some assistance in exchange for reduced rent
Roomate i-Match features a brief on-line survey for individuals seeking roomates. ServiceSource and The Arc of Northern VA, the program administrators, review each survey and make potential matches based on location and gender preferences, tobacco use, pet status, accessibility and transportation needs, rent and affordability requirements, move readiness and other considerations. The program administrator informs individuals and/or their points of contacts(POCs) of potential matches via email and confirms they would like to exchange survey profiles. If both individuals and/or their POCs agree, they will receive each other's profile, along with tips on interviewing roomates and creating roomate agreements. You take it from there: meet up and see if you can make a roomate match!

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