Housing Finance Resources

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Rebuilding Together provides volunteer home repairs to low-income homeowners and non-profits in the community with critically needed home repairs and modifications to create safe and healthy homes.

10723 Main Street, Suite 135, Fairfax VA 22030

This web-based guide to rental housing and housing resources is produced by the Virginia Housing and Supportive Services’  Northern Virginia Regional Implementation Team.  The Northern Virginia RIT educates individuals, families and service providers about integrated, independent housing and new housing resources available to people in the Settlement Agreement population. We also prepare individuals with developmental disabilities to qualify for housing resources and help them navigate the complexities of accessing rent subsidies and housing. Finally, the Northern Virginia RIT encourages the development of new rent assistance, housing and supportive services options for this population.

(571) 339–1305
(703) 569-3932
7420 Fullerton Rd
Suite 110
Springfield, VA