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Langley Residential Support Services (Langley) serves adults with intellectual disabilities, their families and our communities by providing quality, comprehensive residential and community support services that will enable these individuals to live valued, productive lives.

2070 Chain Bridge Rd Suite G35, Vienna, VA
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Spectrum Life Solutions is an autism consulting and education service that enables families to develop the necessary skills and knowledge needed in creating successful life transitions. We prepare families and educational institutions by proactively addressing the individual's life's challenges and barriers.Spectrum Life Solutions provides consultation, education, resources, life planning and transition coordination services for children and youth with Autism, ADHD and other special needs.We support families by providing them with the tools, resources, life planning direction and encouragement to address those challenges and build on their strengths to create a path for life.

P.O. Box 8154, Fredericksburg, VA
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About Us:
Therapeutic Alliance is a private mental health agency in the Commonwealth of Virginia that strives to provide culturally sensitive counseling services to adults, children, and families. Therapeutic Alliance staff posses educational and clinical training that allow them to address a variety of behavioral issues using evidence based methods. The management staff is actively involved in case consultation and supervision to ensure the highest quality of care to its clients and referring agencies.
Service Qualification Criteria:
Services are designed for individuals who demonstrate a clinical necessity arising from conditions such as mental, behavioral, or emotional illness. Such illness results in significant functional impairments in major life activities and places them at risk for removal from the home.
Services are available to:
Children and adults, between the ages of 4 to 64, who have either Medicaid or private insurance. Those who have difficulty in establishing or maintaining normal interpersonal relationships to such a degree that they are risk of hospitalization and/or out-of-home placement. Those whose inappropriate behavior has resulted in repeated interventions by mental health, social services and/or the judicial system. Those who exhibit difficulty in cognitive ability to such a degree that they are unable to recognize personal danger or recognize significantly inappropriate social behaviors.

Culturally Competent Adult, Child, Adolescent and Family Counseling Agency
Academic Issues
Anger Management
Communication Issues
Parent-Child Conflict
Court Ordered Services

Wraparound Services
Medicaid In-Home Services
Gang Prevention
Substance Abuse
School Violence
Eating Disorder
Case Management
And more...
Programs & Services: Intensive In-Home Services, Out-Patient Services, Mental Health Skills-building Services, 
We currently provide services to those who speak English, Arabic, Spanish, Urdu, Guajarati, Hindi, and to individuals using American Sign Language.

Falls Church Location
6400 Arlington Blvd, Suite 670.
Falls Church,VA 22042