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A comprehensive website dedicated to promoting awareness of common birth injuries and their causes. Our mission is to help users find helpful information on devastating birth injuries and their symptoms, causes, and treatment options. We strive to provide up to date medical and legal information related to common birth injuries in the United States.

Phone: : (816) 914-1957
Address: : 30505 East 38th St
Grain Valley, Missouri
ZIP Code: 64029
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Birth Injury Help Center is an informational website providing accurate, reliable information about birth injuries and related childhood disabilities such as cerebral palsy. Our site provides users with information and helpful external resource links regarding causes, symptoms, and treatment options for birth injuries like cerebral palsy. We also provide very detailed information about public benefit programs and other financial assistance resources for families with disabled children.

Phone: : 667-217-3935
Fax:: 844-712-5151
Address: : 1 South Street, Suite 2475
ZIP Code: 21202
Phone: : (804) 355-5748
Address: : 1506 Willow Lawn Dr
Suite 112
Richmond, VA
ZIP Code: 23230
Phone: : (703) 451-8881
Address: : 8136 Old Keene Mill Rd
Suite B-102
Springfield, VA
ZIP Code: 22152
Name: : BrainLine
Phone: : (703) 998-2020
Address: : WETA 2775 South Quincy St
Arlington, VA
ZIP Code: 22206
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The Cerebral Palsy Guide shares educational materials to families and individuals affected by cerebral palsy, including information about different therapies, treatment options, and financial resources

Phone: : 1-855-329-1008
Address: : 3208 E. Colonial Dr
Suite 241
Orlando, FL
ZIP Code: 32803
Phone: : (757) 497-7474
Address: : 5825 Arrowhead Dr
Suite 201
Virginia Beach, VA
ZIP Code: 23462
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CHADD is a nonprofit organization that provides information and support to parents of children with attention deficit disorders, adults with attention deficit disorders, and others dealing with people affected by attention deficit disorders.

Through monthly meetings with guest speakers, a bi monthly magazine, support groups, and the caring of other parents, as well as education and medical professionals, CHADD members form a supportive network to exchange helpful ideas about raising and educating children with ADHD

Find a support group near you:http://www.meetup.com/novachadd/.

Phone: : 703-641-5451
Phone: : (202) 245-7307
Address: : 550 12th St, SW
Room 5133
Washington, DC
ZIP Code: 20202-2550