Holiday Campaign 2021



December, 2021


Dear Friend,


It’s hard to believe that we’re staring in the face of the end of another year! While there have been many challenges, there has also been great progress for the 39,000 people with intellectual and developmental disabilities in Northern Virginia.


At the very core of our mission – and our vision of life for people with disabilities – is the determination to make things better. And for almost 60 years, The Arc of Northern Virginia has been committed to that cause. Throughout our history, we have experienced tremendous changes for the better.


People with disabilities are no longer considered unable to live in everyday society. Institutions are no longer offered as their only life option. Buildings and public accommodations are far more accessible. Businesses provide greater employment opportunities. Housing options continue to expand. And more and more, support services make it possible for people with disabilities to enjoy the life of their own choosing in their community. All of us working together – over time – brought about these changes.


Please support our continued progress in the fight for inclusion and self-determination.
Please make a generous contribution to The Arc of Northern Virginia today.




We’re about to close the book on 2021 – and begin what will be an exciting and transformative year for us. All next year, we will be celebrating the 60th anniversary of The Arc of Northern Virginia! We’ll be honoring achievements in advocacy, community supports, education and information access, lifelong planning, and technological advances – all made possible by the direct involvement and financial support of our friends, families, neighbors, business community, and advocate allies.


And you have been an important part of our impact as a donor or as a consumer of our services.


The new year will also bring new opportunities. The pandemic has forced us all to see beyond the obstacles in front of us. It caused us to look with fresh eyes and renewed determination at a future that could be – can be – if we’re not bound by “the way it’s always been.”


Next year, The Arc of Northern Virginia will be focusing on the current challenges for people with an intellectual or developmental disability, envisioning pathways forward, and facilitating creative and innovative approaches to meeting those needs. It’s an exciting moment in our history, and I invite you to be a part of it.


Will you join us in this historic moment?
Please give a year-end gift to The Arc of Northern Virginia.




Keep reading to see how your support now can make an even bigger difference.


“Your organization has the most amazing and caring group of leaders that I have ever seen. Not long ago I had issues with my daughter’s care. I felt like I was in a free-fall. I contacted The Arc of Northern Virginia, and they responded so quickly and efficiently with just the help I needed. The best way I can describe the support I received is that it felt like a safety net of caring and I am so grateful.”


This mother’s expression of gratitude so poignantly illustrates why we do what we do. Looking ahead, I can’t help but visualize individual achievements and family dreams that will become reality. You may ask, “How? With all that’s happening right now, how can you be so optimistic?” And I would say to you, “Hope.” You see, I know in my heart that there is hope for a better future for the people we serve. I have faith that progress will continue despite the obstacles that we may encounter in the near-term.


Hope is the tinder that transforms a spark of an idea into a flame of light that guides us through the dark. Hope cultivates that flame and propagates the light into a pyre of action that can only end with the realization of our vision – full inclusion in our community. Our history confirms it.


The passage of time gives us reason to hope. Because with time will come more progress.


Demonstrate your hope for a better future with your gift to The Arc of Northern Virginia.




And a donation now is especially important because your impact can be doubled! 


Longtime sponsor Molina Complete Care has generously pledged to match DOLLAR for DOLLAR donations of any amount—up to $10,000 in all. Your donation today can bring DOUBLE the hope for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.


As this year winds down and we approach the holidays, I want to express our gratitude to you for being part of The Arc of Northern Virginia family. Our organization is stronger – and we make such an important difference in the community – because you’re a part of it. I wish you all the joys of the season, and that Hope will guide you into the new year.


Happy Holidays,

signed Rikki Epstein

Rikki Epstein
Executive Director


P.S.: This holiday season, please make a generous gift to help further our vital work for families. And please check with your employer to see if they will match your donation!


P.P.S.: Remember to make your donation right now, so that the impact of your gift may be doubled by the Molina Complete Care challenge match. Your generous gift can help us quickly turn $10,000 into $20,000, and double the difference we can make together for people with disabilities of all ages.



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