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toolbox of resources for Securing your Future guide


Finding a Home Guide Resources:

As mentioned in our Finding a Home for Adults with Disabilities guide, here are additional helpful resources:

•  Residential Providers in the Northern Virginia Area

•  Household-Spending-Plan

•  Housing Resume

•  HousingResumePacket

•  Sec8props_NoVA


Key Contacts for Housing Sheet – (Template)

Use this handy resource to keep track of the various agencies and key professionals you work with in the developmental disability services field.


 Live-in Caregiver Guides


•  Live-in Caregiver Guide – Information for people with developmental disabilities and their loved ones on utilizing live-in supports


•  Live-in Caregiver Guide for Caregivers – Information for people considering work or working as live-in caregivers for with developmental disabilities


These new guidebooks were created by The Arc of Northern Virginia in 2018 as a result of a grant award from the Arlington Community Foundation. We have seen a huge increase in the number of people opting to use live-in aides to make living with greater independence possible. These guides will help people with disabilities and their families weigh the option of a live-in caregiver, learn how to proceed, and troubleshoot along the way. The parallel version for live-in caregivers will help them understand the requirements of the job, how to perform this work well, and what to do if they have problems.


We will have printed versions of these guides available in our office soon. Look for companion webinars in late summer and early fall!



Additional Resource from our People First for Young Adults Meeting May 2017:

Visit Our Housing Toolkit on our YouTube Page

The housing toolkit on YouTube contain recent videos about housing choices and opportunities.

Housing Choice Vouchers 2016 Video Series:

This video series was filmed in Summer 2016 as part of a six video series highlighting people with developmental disabilities living in integrated community settings.  The series was done by The Arc of Northern Virginia in combination with videographer David Buerk and made possible with grant funding from the Virginia Housing Development Agency.

1. Brian—  Brian is a brain injury survivor who lives in his own apartment, along with a live-in aide.

2. Gail and Esther— Gail and Esther are women with developmental disabilities who live in an affordable housing apartment complex.  They have their own apartments and are close friends.
3. David and Rory— David and Rory live with a third roommate in a high rise condo.  They moved there from institutional settings and love the freedom they have in their new home.
4. Rogan— Rogan lives in a home that his family initially purchased with a low interest Virginia Housing and Development Authority loan.  He has a live in caregiver who has two young children who also live in the home.
5. Theresa— Theresa is a brain injury survivor who has lived in her own apartment for many years.  She uses a housing choice voucher to make the rent affordable and assistive technologies to help her around her house.
6. Robert— Robert just moved to his very first apartment, using a housing choice voucher.  He works and is very involved with his family.

2016 Housing Workshop Files


Session 1 housing workshop logo

Session 1 NOVA Getting Started Presentation for April 27
Affordable Housing in Northern Virginia
Finding a Home Guide from The Arc of Northern VA
Nonprofit Housing  Providers
Housing Choice Voucher Program & Sec8 props NoVASupport and Housing Needs Assessment.doc
Support and Housing Needs Assessment VIDEO



Session 2 housing workshop logo

 Session 2  Circles of Support for May 11



Session 3 Housing Workshop logo

Session 3 Assessments and Supports for May 25
FLSA & Taxes Caregivers
Live-in Companion Position Requirements
Live-in Aide Lease Addendum
Live In Caregiver Agreement
Services by Waiver
Supportive Service PlanVIDEO 


Session 4 Housing Workshop logo


 Session 4 Budget Location and Amenities for June 8
Interview Packet Housing Needs Profile
Moving Expenses Budget
Reasonable Accommodation Packet
Voucher cover letterVIDEO VIDEO



Session 5 Housing Workshop logo

 Session 5 Roommates for June 22
Questions for Potential Housemates
Roommate Agreements
Roommate Agreement Sample
Roommate Chore Chart Monthly
Searching for Housing WebsitesVIDEO 



Session 6 Housing logo

 Session 6 Planning to Move for July 13
Copy of Existing TC Property List  010816
Housing Resume
Important Phone Numbers
Move In Inspection Checklist
Moving Expenses Budget     No VIDEO Available


Session 7 Housing workshop

 Session 7 Panel Presentation for July 27A Twist on the Sponsored Residential Model



Session 5 & 8 Housing Workshop logo

 Session 8 Wrap Up Session for August 3