Transition POINTS Guides – Amharic

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Transition POINTS Guides – Amharic 

•  Early Intervention –  Starting Life with Your Child with a Disability

•  Special Education –  Getting the Most from Special Education


•  Transition to Adult Services   Securing a Future for your Child with a Disability

            Download in Amharic      በአካል ጉዳተኛ ለልጅዎ የወደፊት ሕይወት መጠበቅ ”በአማርኛ ያውርዱ

•  Employment –  Entering the World of Work

•  Housing –  Finding a Home for Adults with Disabilities

•  Aging –  Aging with a Disability





For further information on The Arc of Northern Virginia’s Transition POINTS program contact:
Diane Monnig, Transition Manager at 703-208-1119 x118 or email


For information about sponsorship opportunities to help support the expansion of Transition POINTS, please contact:
Howard Stregack, Director of Development, at 703-208-1119 x102 or email