Thank you all so much for an absolutely extraordinary budget hearing. It was such a moving, powerful day.  I want to give a huge thank you to Rikki, Elizabeth, Sheila, Sean, Frank, Lisa, and Stephen for speaking.  As you saw by the applause and standing ovations, you all knocked it out of the park!

I am excited to share that the video recording of the hearing is now up, so you can re-live the magic!  Our speakers are on camera from 1:09:40-1:33:30.  There is a video of the day on The Fairfax County’s website, click “Video Linked with Agenda” for April 5th to get there.

(I had to load the link three times before it worked, but then it worked flawlessly, so try more than once if it doesn’t show up right away. )  Thank you all again!

Photos and Coverage
To see photos from yesterday, please visit our facebook page-
Feel free to share any photos you took on that page, too!
Lucy Beadnell, Director of Advocacy

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