The state agency that governs our Waivers (DBHDS) has been told that our contract to redesign the Waivers can begin on September 1, 2016! This means that between now and the first of September, everyone working with Waivers will be scrambling to get new systems into place.

As of September 1, 2016 the new payment rates for services through the Waiver will go into effect. New services will be offered, but likely not available for several months as regulations are written and providers are licensed for these new services. People should already be using local Community Services Boards (CSBs) as a single point of entry to get onto the Waiver waiting lists.

This is the first time in the history of our disability Waivers that a change of this scale has occurred, so we are sure there will be growing pains. Be patient, ask questions, and advocate for yourselves! As always, if somethings seems off or you have a concern or kudos to share, feel free to contact Lucy Beadnell at our office (, 703-208-1119 x116).

Our Webinar is now over. We will be posting a link to the recorded webinar soon. Check our Webinar page.



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