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Bellwether Behavioral Health programs provide services and supports for intellectually and developmentally disabled adults from Virginia in residential and day community settings. Each program is state-licensed and provides intensive treatment for individuals with challenging behaviors as well as supports for those with significant adaptive needs.

Our program focuses both on functional enhancement and behavioral improvement to ensure individuals gain the skills essential for
independent living and the provision of varied, daily opportunities to ensure our individuals are able to pursue their interests, enjoy their hobbies and jobs and develop a social support network in the community.

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Address: : 9932 Main Street
Fairfax, VA 22031
ZIP Code: 22031
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We provide residential habilitative services to people with disability in Northern Virginia.

Phone: : 703-787-6224
Address: : 6210 Pioneer Drive
ZIP Code: Springfield, VA 22150
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Mission:Helping persons with disabilities to find happiness in their own homes, in their personal relationships, and as contributing members of their community.
We are distinctive for: Our dedication to individual supports planned one person at a time, Our tenacity in helping persons with challenges to find success, Our commitment to remain abreast of best practice, Our staunch belief that no one with disabilities need live in an institution.
We support people with…
•Autistic Disorder
•Developmental Disabilities
•Physical Challenges
•Behavioral Challenges
•Prader-willi Syndrome
•Brain Injury
•Dual Diagnoses

Phone: : 703-913-3150
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Address: : 10400 Eaton Place, Suite 501
Fairfax, VA
ZIP Code: 22030
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Compassionate Care Group Homes, LLC is an organization that was established in the commonwealth of Virginia in 2014 and was licensed by the Department of Behavioral Health and Development Services in 2016. We provide and independent residential disabilities.
Our main goal is to provide a safe and secure environment for our clients. We want to provide them the support that they need in order for them to continue being productive members of the society.
What makes us stand out from competitors is our attractive setting which provides stress-free environment that promotes personal growth with respect to a person’s dignity. The program is individualized for each resident and enhances their quality of life while nurturing their every aspect.
In order to properly assist you, we provide a range of services just to address your needs. Here are some of the services that we offer.
-24-Hour Supervision with secured Monitoring
– Therapeutic Recreation and Leisures Activities
-Medical and Health Supports
– IN-Home Support
-Respite Care
– Companion services
-Personal Assistance Services
– Community Outreach

Phone: : 703-593-1881/ 703-763-9101
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Address: : 4413 San Carlos Dr Faifax, VA 22030
ZIP Code: 22030
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Guardian Residential Services is a Medicaid Waiver program incorporated in Virginia to provide services to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities in the privacy of their homes, supervised facilities (apartments) and homes in natural settings.
Our vision is to help and assist individuals with developmental disabilities to live independently. Staff members provide person-centered services to individuals with a variety of daily and weekly activities, including:
• Skilled Nursing Care
• Hygiene skills
• Money management
• Grocery shopping
• Housekeeping
• Cooking
• Conflict resolution
• Access to community activities
• Social activities that encourage interaction

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Address: : 4800 Maurine Ct
ZIP Code: 20155
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The main focus of the respite program is to provide short term, periodic care for the residents in the absence of their families or other care providers. The respite facility is typically used for traditional respite purposes, i.e. giving families a break of respite from caring for the family member with an intellectual disability; however, it may be used for short-term emergency placement also.

Respite Subsidy Program: With funding through the Fairfax-Falls Church Community Services Board, families may be eligible to receive cash subsidies to assist with the costs of hiring specially skilled ,,sitters/companions,, to care for a families member with intellectual disabilities during short absences of caregivers. Both children and adults are eligible for services. Unless otherwise noted all programs are for adults. Fees are charged based oh the ability to pay pursuant to contractual agreements with Community Services Boards. HUD supported programs require Section 8 eligibility and payment of fees.

Phone: : 703-273-0939
Address: : 3702 Pender Dr., Suite 410, Fairfax, VA 22030
Hartwood Fondation, Inc 3702 Pender Dr. Suite 410 Fairfax, VA 22030
ZIP Code: 22030
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JFGH is a nonprofit organization dedicated to enhancing the independence, dignity, choice, and community inclusion of individuals with disabilities, regardless of faith or creed. JFGH’s programs support more than 200 individuals in over 70 sites throughout the Washington D.C Metropolitan area. Support is provided through JFGH’s residential, transitioning youth and social programs.



Meaningful Opportunities for Successful Transitions (MOSTTM) is a one year individualized program of activities and training designed to facilitate successful transition into the adult community. The MOSTTM program serves as a portal for individuals and their families, through which they are introduced and integrated into a broad range of community resources. The MOSTTM program focuses on facilitating outcomes for participants in three domains:

Self-sufficiency — including self-help, independent living and safety skills.

Community — including social skills, transportation and recreation.

Vocation — including employment, education, vocational training and day habilitation.


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At LFSVA, we recruit Family Care Homes so that individuals may experience the joy, activity and independence of loving family life in their communities. We carefully screen and license qualified families throughout the state to provide services in their home to individuals with disabilities who are 18 years old or older.

We now have about 150 Family Care Homes in 25 counties! We also offer group homes, day support, and other services so that individuals with disabilities can live the fullest, most complete lives possible.

Phone: : (571) 328-5815
Address: : 10467 White Granite Drive, Office #8 (3rd floor)
Oakton, VA
ZIP Code: 22124-2763
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 Our goal is to promote acceptance in the normal life of the community in which the individual resides through social integration and participation in community opportunities.

Our philosophy is based on the values that everyone deserves and needs to belong, to be loved, to be treated with dignity and respect, to be self directing, and to be recognized for their inherent value as a unique person. It is the belief of Meetown Residential Care that people with disabilities have the right to be a part of the community, with the same opportunities, responsibilities’ and quality of life as available to all citizens.

We have Registered Nurse Licensed and Practical Nurse on Staff.  All of our staffs have been trained in CPR/First Aid, Medication Administration, Emergency Preparedness, Human Right, Behavior Management and OSHA standards.       Meetown residential Care will make a difference in the individual(s) lives by providing services with ethical and conscientious manner, preserving at all times the dignity of the individuals and family. We aim to train teach and prepare each adult with the knowledge and skills to help them reach their personal goals. Meetown Residential Care will offer 24-hour services and dedicated staffing with a ratio of 1:3.

Phone: : 703-884-5505
Address: : 6601 Little River Turnpike Ste. 210
Alexandria Virginia
ZIP Code: 22312
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Mighty Hand LLC, provides a safe,secure,supportive environment for adults who struggle with challenges of mental and physical disabilities. Provide properly-tailored programs for each residents by our team of REGISTERED NURSES, LPN’S and highly trained and qualified staff.

Phone: : 703-477-0306
Address: : 5713 Cedar Walk Way, # 101
Centreville, Va
ZIP Code: 20121